So this morning myself and Helen took a trip through the beautiful countryside of Ickham to clean some carpets and persian rugs. During the initial inspection of the rugs, I noticed some dye migration from red (first colour to go generally) into the creams. I pointed this out to the client which is always best to do before proceeding to do anything and she was fine for us to continue. I had a phone call with my Registered Body NCCA only a couple weeks ago so i was confident that i had the tools and knowledge for the job in hand here. It was crucial not to over wet the rugs as this would cause more migration, so with a few settings being adjusted on the machine and the right carpet cleaning products, we were safely able to clean for the client without causing further damage to the rugs 🙂

When leaving Canterbury we saw a bird of prey, unfortunately i had no idea what it was, and neither did Helen, but it was so nice to see, and I thank the countryside of Wickham & Canterbury for this 🙂 We couldn’t get a photo unfortunately as we didn’t want to stop the van and potentially cause the bird distress