It’s a fact that over time and with regular wear, even the best factory-applied stain resistance treatments to a carpet will become less effective. By the time you’ve vacuumed your carpet around 200 times, much of the protection it had to begin with is gone.
Spring Clean’s professional stain protection service can restore stain resistance to your carpet. This prolongs the life of the valuable investment you have made and keeps the environment in your home or office fresh, hygienic and stylish. And our  stain protection treatment can be applied not just to freshly cleaned carpets but also to upholstery and curtains.

Benefits of Carpet Protection

  • It prevent dirt and stains from being absorbed by the carpet fibres.
  • It provides an invisible barrier which gives you a fighting chance when spills and accidents inevitably occur.
  • It refreshes the performance of carpets which have been previously treated: this is far cheaper than buying a new carpet.
  • It protects your long-term investment in an attractive carpet.
  • It’s safe for you and your pets.

Get Protected

The video has been made by a carpet cleaning peer of ours in Manchester, Peter as we have been so busy helping our customers and not got round to showing a demo yet, but the product and benefits are the same 🙂 Ours will be ready as soon as we get a chance I promise

Please ask me about our fantastic Stain Guard during my initial survey or before I commence cleaning on the day

Why Choose Us

  • Kill dust mites, germs and bacteria lurking in soft furnishings, carpets and mattresses
  • Remove flea eggs from areas favoured by your pets
  • Give your carpets a new lease of life with improved colour, softness and a fluffier feel
  • Eradicate strong odours and allergy inducing pollutants and pollens
  • Remove sweat, blood, urine, food and drink stains from your carpets
  • Save you money by making carpets last longer
  • Provide advice on how to maintain your carpets correctly

What Client’s Say

Neill provided an excellent, professional service when cleaning my carpets. He worked hard and really did do a fantastic job! The carpets have never looked so clean and I really didn’t think they would come up so well! I can’t think Spring Clean enough and would fully recommend this company. They are by far the best carpet cleaning company I have ever used. Thanks again!
Caroline, Canterbury