The last email of the day was from an existing customer in Canterbury who used us last year to clean his upholstery. The gentleman originally called us in as the previous company that he used had left the sofa soaking wet once cleaned. We advised the client that the particular fabric of the sofa would take a little longer than most due to the moisture it can hold. The client asked us to go ahead, which we did and set to work cleaning, but more importantly once we had cleaned for him, we towel dried the sofa as dry as we could, then added our 6 speed driers to the sofa areas. We also took the opportunity to carry out our planned maintenance to our equipment in ht van while the driers were working away on the upholstery. This meant the upholstery was almost bone dry by the time we left canterbury. So that was last year! We have just had a call back to re clean for the gentleman. Always nice to get a rebooking for the following year, means we are achieving our target of helping our customer with their carpet & upholstery cleaning throughout Canterbury 🙂

If you have upholstery that needs cleaning, please call Neil now on 01227 389938. Realistic expectations and advice regarding cleaning and drying times